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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

LRC-South Technical Assistance

We partner with schools through technical assistance as a multifaceted approach to develop targeted training that includes integrated services and resources for educators. Our goal is to support professional growth as educators implement inclusive practices to meet the needs of all students.

Toward that end, we take a collaborative approach in developing and implementing meaningful professional learning that is aligned with the CEEDAR Center and CEC’s high leverage practices and New Jersey’s Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders; based on the pedagogical frameworks of Universal Design for Learning and culturally responsive practices; and responsive to the unique needs and goals of our partner school and educators.  Throughout this process, we engage in the fundamental practices of inquiry, data collection, analysis, and reflection.

LRC-S technical assistance is available to eligible schools throughout the seven southern counties of New Jersey.

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For additional information please contact Jenny Murphy, Director of Operations & Programming

LRC-S New Teacher Academy

New Teacher Academy

The LRC-South New Teacher Academy (NTA) provides high-quality professional learning experiences to support the professional growth of new teachers during their first years in the profession.

LRC-South Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Explore these professional learning offerings designed to foster inclusive education, family engagement, and student success.

LRC-S Monthly Learning Themes

Monthly Learning Themes

Enhance learning and engagement in the classroom by integrating monthly learning activities. The resources curated below provide opportunities for discussion and appreciation of individual abilities, cultural diversity, and the celebration of significant events and historical events