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Online Resources

LRC-South offers a collection of online resources for use by educators and families. All resources will be categorized by content areas. Please check back often as we are regularly updating the online resources we provide.

LRC-South Resources for Parent & Families

Resources for Parents & Families

A collection of activities, resources and outreach opportunities to foster family involvement and engage parents with their children’s learning through hands-on programming and parent to parent connections.

LRC-South Educational Technology

Educational Technology

Educational tools and resources to enhance teaching, improve learning outcomes, and effectively integrate technology in educational practices.

LRC-South Teaching About Race, Bias and Social Justice

Teaching About Race, Bias and Social Justice

Strengthen your awareness by discussing race and bias. Starting these critical conversations will lead to lasting change in our schools, communities and nation. These resources allow us to appreciate and empathize the differences we see in others and to stand for equity in our classrooms, homes, and communities.

LRC-South ELA Resources


Take your English Language Arts (ELA) instruction to the next level with these online resources.

LRC-South Math Resources


Keep students engaged and excited about math with this collection of free resources.

LRC-South Science Resources


Teaching inquiry based science is the recommendation of NGSS. This array of free resources can be used by teachers, parents, and students to continue with education in science.

LRC-South Social Studies Resources

Social Studies

Discover free social studies activities, lessons, and interactive resources for all grades, all aligned to New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

LRC-South NJSLS Resources

New Jersey Student Learning Standards

The NJ Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) provide the foundation for local district curricula that is used in the development of daily lesson plans and provides clear and specific benchmarks for student achievement in nine content areas. 

LRC-South SWD Resources

Students with Disabilities

This page features free resources to equip teachers with the right tools to help ALL students reach their full potential.

LRC-South Remote Teaching Resources

Remote Teaching

Resources to help teachers adjust to an online learning environment.

LRC-South Open Education Resources

Open Education Resources

A collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs) that are freely available for teachers and students to use, adapt, share, and reuse.

LRC-South High Leverage Practices

High-Leverage Practices

Learn about the High-Leverage Practices in Special Education initiative, led by the Council for Exceptional Children and the CEEDAR Center.

NJDOE Social Emotional Learning

Social & Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) refers to acquisition and application of the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand/manage emotions; set/achieve positive goals; feel/show empathy for others; and make responsible decisions.

LRC-South Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips, Educational Games & Additional Resources

Virtual field trips are a great way for students to explore new places all over the world (and beyond) - from the comfort of home. 

LRC-South Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Online resources to teach students the financial literacy skills they’ll need to manage their financial resources effectively throughout their lives.

LRC-South English Language Learners Online Resources

English Language Learners

Engage English Language Learners and Dual Language Learners with these online resources to assist in skill development and achievement.

LRC-South Health & Motor Skills Online Resources

Health & Motor Skills

Resources to support Health and Physical Education standards including a focus on fine and gross motor skills.

LRC-South Visual & Performing Arts Online Resources

Visual & Performing Arts

Online resources to foster creativity across visual, musical and dramatic platforms.