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Family & Community Resources

Welcome to the LRC-South!

"Inclusion is a right, not a privilege for a select few." - Chief Judge John Gerry

Greetings Family & Community Members!

The Learning Resource Center-South promotes inclusive education and fosters the achievement of all students with disabilities. This site, designed for family and community members, shares resources to assist in promoting social, emotional and physical well-being; support through partnerships; navigating technology; and learning at home. 

We invite you to become a member of the LRC-South to access many of the valuable books and resources to use in your home. Free membership is available until June 30, 2021. 

Review our website to learn more about services and features available to you and your family. 

Family and Community Outreach Events: Check back frequently for updates on our offerings. 

To best serve the needs of our families we would love to hear your suggestions and feedback! Please complete this form.

General Resources

These resources cover a wide range of family-focused topics which support all students. 

Social & Emotional Supports

Developing strong social and emotional skills will help your child as they work through challenges they encounter on a daily basis.  These resources assist you in supporting your child’s SEL education, learning strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress, and preparing for post-pandemic life.

Who Am I?

Navigate conversations with your family around topics of identity, biases, embracing differences, and actionable equity.

Health & Physical Development

Promote a healthy lifestyle for the whole family with these ideas, activities, and lessons on healthy foods to eat, fine and gross motor skills, and how to stay fit.

Learning at Home

Explore resources are designed to enhance your child’s learning and promote family engagement to support academic success.

Navigating Technology

These resources are designed to assist you and your family in leveraging the benefits, and navigating the obstacles, of living in a digitally connected world.

Support Through Partnerships

Strong partnerships with schools, parent advocacy groups, and the local community can be a significant source of support for students and families.

LRC-S Family & Community Events

The LRC-South offers family and community events to foster involvement and engage parents with their children's learning through hands-on programming and parent-to-parent connections. 

Learning Activities

Instill a lifelong love of learning with these FREE educational activities for educators and families. Each activity comes with ready-to-print instructions and a short video tutorial. Download and try one today! Please check back often as we are regularly updating the video resources we provide.