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Mission & Vision

Inclusive education is proactively planning for the needs of all learners.

The Learning Resource Center Network, a program of the New Jersey Department of Education, promotes the practices of inclusive education through the integration of professional learning opportunities, family and community events, resources and services.

The LRC-South at Rowan University is a partnership with the New Jersey Department of Education Office of Special Education and 100% funded by federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B funds (CFDA #84.027A).

By identifying and removing barriers and fostering individual potential, Rowan’s overarching mission is to cultivate a community where all members can learn and grow. The Rowan community is committed to a safe environment that encourages intellectual, academic and social interaction and engagement across multiple intersections of identities. At Rowan University, creating and maintaining a caring community that embraces diversity in its broadest sense is among the highest priorities.

The University’s mission is embedded in the College of Education’s mission: “To positively impact and develop local, regional, national and global educational communities by: collaborating with partners in the field to promote learning and the mental and physical health of diverse learners in all settings; integrating teaching, research, and service to advance knowledge in the field; preparing and supporting professional through the development of knowledge, skills and dispositions, with the ultimate goal of ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all learners.”