B.A. Elementary Education

B.A. Elementary Education

B.A. in Elementary Education

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At Rowan University, we believe in the transformative impact teachers can have on shaping a brighter future. We are dedicated to empowering the teachers of tomorrow to ignite curiosity, spark inspiration, and champion positive transformations in our global community. We will equip the next wave of teachers with the skills and insights needed to tackle the evolving landscape of educational practice and policy in the 21st century.

Throughout this clinically rich degree program of study, you will gain a more coherent experience of what it means to teach to all learners. You will complete two semesters of clinical practice, with clinical experiences interspersed throughout your program of study. In this 4-year program (120 credits total), candidates can earn two state certifications - 1) an initial teaching license in Elementary Education and  2) certificate of undergraduate studies (CUGs).

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Our commitment extends beyond conventional teaching methods. We embrace culturally responsive pedagogy and practices, recognizing the profound impact they have on fostering inclusivity, understanding, and empowerment among learners from all walks of life. Join us in shaping a world where every learner thrives and flourishes.

Upon completion of the program, graduates can also apply for teacher certification in states other than New Jersey. While many of our graduates go on to teach in New Jersey schools, many secure teaching positions elsewhere in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Program Coordinator Program Advisor Program Advisor
Erica Watson Brown
856-256-4500 x53812
Herman D. James Hall 3062

Chuck Foster (A-K)

Lindsay Rosario (L-Z)

Program Curriculum Guides

BA Elementary Education Guide - Fall 2024

BA Elementary Education Program Guide - September 2019

Praxis Assessment Requirements for Initial Teaching Licensure

Praxis Core (combined test code is 5752) Elementary Praxis II (5001, multiple subjects)
  • Reading (5713) minimum score 156
  • Writing (5723) minimum score 162
  • Math (5733) minimum score 150
  • Reading and Language Arts (5002) passing score 157 
  • Math (5003) passing score 157
  • Social Studies (5004) passing score 155
  • Science (5005) passing score 159
Praxis Resources Praxis Prep Materials for Education Students - Research Guides at Rowan University

*Candidates must pass the ETS  Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test by Transition Point 1 (Semester 5)  Please note the new existing policy regarding the Praxis Core requirement which can be found by visiting here. 

Field Information

An essential component of your program involves hands-on experience within schools. To adequately prepare for this aspect, you will engage in clinical experiences throughout your coursework, culminating in a comprehensive clinical practice in your final year of teaching.

Background Clearance and TB Test for Clinical Experience in Semester 4 Clinical Practice Year Application due semester Semester 5

Fall Semester: May 1

Spring Semester: December 1

Fall Semester: September 1-30

Spring Semester: April 1-30

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