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About the College

About the College of Education

Almost 100 years after Rowan was first founded to prepare educators, we stay true to our original mission. We continue to evolve to address today’s, and tomorrow’s, needs in education.

The history of the College of Education mirrors the history of Rowan University (formerly Glassboro State College). Since its founding in 1923, Rowan University has undergone a transformation from a normal school to a comprehensive institution. Likewise, the College of Education has undergone a significant transformation from a Department of Education to its present structure as a complex College of Education. The University was founded to respond to a critical need in the educational system of the State of New Jersey: a lack of properly trained elementary school teachers. Consequently, Glassboro, New Jersey was chosen as the site to develop a "normal school" in Southern New Jersey. On September 24, 1923, Glassboro Normal School opened its doors to 236 young women. In 1934, Dr. Jerohn Savitz, the College's first president (1923-37), expanded the curriculum to four years and, in 1937, the school's name changed to New Jersey State Teachers College at Glassboro. Still, the sole purpose of the College was to educate and train elementary school teachers.

The College of Education has evolved as a normal school, continuing its mission to train teachers for South Jersey classrooms. Expanding beyond the classroom, it is now a comprehensive public research school with undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. We prepare students to become educators, policymakers, and researchers, tackling persistent social justice issues in education.

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