Research and Programs

Research and Programs


Through grants faculty-led research teams, and our PhD program, the Center engages in knowledge production and the dissemination of new understandings that impact access, success, and equity in education.

Current Grants and Projects: 

  • Camden Promise Grant: The Camden Promise Neighborhood Initiative (CPNI) is a $30 million dollar grant funded through the Federal Department of Education. CPNI is an initiative located in Downtown, Whitman Park, and parts of the Centerville area that is dedicated to providing children and their families with academic, health, and community services from cradle to the college. Rowan has partnered with the CPNI, and part of this partnership involves surveying families that live within the Camden Promise Neighborhood as well as providing project evaluation and matching support. 
  • Student Voice Work: Dr. Shelley Zion has two main projects supporting research and programming around student voice in education. The first, primarily working within Philadelphia is funded through Jobs for the Future and focuses on student centered learning. The second is a sub-contract from the University of Colorado funded by the Hewlett Foundation looking at transforming student voice.

  • Early Childhood Leadership Institute Grant: Dr. Zeynep Isik-Ercan, oversees the work of a group of projects focused on Early Childhood. With projects funded through foundations and the NJ Department of Education, the purpose of this work is the professional development and support of preschool leadership and communities of practice in NJ to ultimately support preschool classroom instruction. 
  • IMPACT Program: IRB development currently in process to support program evaluation and student success.
  • Troops to Teachers, Project MOTIVATE: Funded through the NJ Department of Education to encourage and support military veterans in NJ in the pursuit of careers in teaching. PI: Dr. Cori Brown
  • Using Strings to Increase Engagement and Change Discourse in Secondary Math Classrooms: Funded through the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NTCM), this project is working with high school math teachers to design and test strategies to increase mathematics engagement in the classroom. PI: Dr. Robert Wieman
  • Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation Evaluation Grant: The Forman S. Acton Foundation provides funding and support for Salem City students pursuit of post-secondary education. Rowan faculty and fellows work to help collect data and evaluate the initiatives of the foundation’s work. PIs: Dr. Monica Kerrigan and Dr. Kara Ieva
  • Seed Funding: Seed funding is awarded to Glassboro campus Rowan faculty investigators with the aim of supporting preliminary efforts towards establishing new and innovative research. The Seed Funding Program is primarily intended to support Rowan faculty who are beginning investigators in their respective area of research or creative activity
    • 2019-2020 College of Education Seed Funding Awardees:

      • Stephanie Abraham
      • Justin Freedman
      • Casey Woodfield