Adjunct Resources

Adjunct Resources

Adjunct Resources

Things You Need to Know

  1. Paperwork
    Please be sure that all documents are on file with the Department Secretary, the Human Resource Department, and Payroll.
    If you are supervising and will need to request travel reimbursement, please visit:

  2. Rowan ID Cards
    If you have any questions concerning the card or how to obtain one, please contact the Student Center Information Desk
              Monday - Thursday: 9am - 9pm
                                   Friday: 9am - 5pm
  3. Parking
    For more information on parking at Rowan University, please click here.

James Hall

  1. Your Home Away From Home
    The Adjunct Suite is located on the 3rd floor in the middle of the office corridor. Computer and Printer access.
    Due to high printing cost, we encourage you to use Google Docs, Blackboard or Canvas to share resources with students. 

  2. Offices
    Adjunct Faculty and Supervisors do not have private offices. If you need space to meet with a student that is more private than the adjunct suite, please contact your department chair, who will discuss the situation with you and find a suitable solution. 

  3. Office of Clinical Experiences and College of Education Advising Center
    The OCE and CEAC is located on the second floor. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 4:30pm. 

  4. Learning Resource Center- South
    Located on the 1st floor of James Hall, The Learning Resource Center-South offers materials and resources that support the education of students with disabilities, helping them to succeed and to achieve in the least restrictive environment.  
    For more information, please visit: Learning Resource Center- South

  5. Technology Assistance
    If you need tecnology assistance, please contact ext. 4400.

  6. Mursion Lab
    This Lab is an exciting initiative for canidates to practice teaching with avatars. The Lab is located on the 2nd floor across from the Technology Office (James 2093). If you would like to utilize this technology, please contact your program coordinator. 


College of Education Policies and Procedures

  • For instructions on Banner Faculty and Advisor Self-Service, such as acknowledging your contract, verifying your class list, and submitting final grades, please click here

  • If you are teaching, you are required to hold office hours each week. Generally 1 hour per week is sufficient. Typically, the office hours are being held within the Adjunct Suite or other assigned departmental area.

  • The Rowan e-mail is essential! Please set up and USE your Rowan e-mai as this is the primary means. This is the way we communicate with you. The Rowan e-mail may be forwarded to a personal e-mail, but we will NOT use personal e-mail addresses to correspond. Please use Rowan e-mail for all communication with students.

  • Syllabus - Everybody needs to use the COE template!

  • TK20 Data Management and Learning Outcomes Assessment System
    • Tk20 is a comprehensive data management and learning outcomes assessment system.

  • Academic Integrity: The University takes this very seriously and every faculty member must be vigilant in adhering to policy. You probably want to be nice to your students because you truly care about them, but if there is a violation, it MUST be reported.
  • Whenever a student has an issue, the following College of Education procedure MUST be followed:
    Student meets and discusses issue with professor. If no satisfactory resolution,

    • Student meets with Department Chair (all necessary information provided by both faculty member and student prior to meeting). If no satisfactory resolution, then
    • Department Chair meets with faculty member and student together. If no satisfactory resolution, then
    • Student requests a meeting with the Associate Dean of the College (all necessary information provided by Department Chair and student prior to meeting). If no satisfactory resolution, then
    • Student requests a meeting with the Associate Provost.

  • Peer Observations
    It is a requirement that all Adjuncts be observed periodically. Please contact your Department Chair for more information.

       Library Resources

  • For more information on available library resources, visit the Campbell Library webpage.


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