Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities and Resources

Navigating the college experience can be overwhelming at times. While we understand it is the responsibility of the student to become knowledgeable of, and to observe, all University policies, regulations and procedures, Academic Adivors are aware of how complicated and confusing this can be.  Therefore, we are committed to assisting you with your journey and partnering with you to ensure your success along the way. The College of Education Advising Center has the tools and technology in place to ensure you have the information needed in every phase of your program.

It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with, and to remain informed about, all academic, administrative financial or other policies, regulations or requirements concerning admission, registration, payment of tuition or fees, continued enrollment, grades and satisfactory program progress, graduation requirements or any other matter which affects the student. Students are  expected to know the requirements of the program in which they are enrolled. While the faculty and advisors will endeavor to assist in every way possible, students are responsible for becoming and remaining informed of current program and graduation requirements, their status in the program and their progress toward graduation. This is our area of expertise. Please become comfortable enough to rely on your Academic Advisor to ask questions and seek guidance.  We are here to assist you!

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