Programs and Praxis Information

Programs and Praxis Information

Programs and Praxis Information


Student Roadmap to Success 

A guide to College of Education related activities, student obligations, target dates, and resources for all of our majors. Your College of Education Advisor can discuss this in greater detail and will provide dates and deadline more specific to your academic program as they vary to some extent.  This tool is intended to be an overview of your experience in the College of Education.


Praxis Requirements: All College of Education majors leading to New Jersey Department of Education Teacher Certification require passing both Praxis Core and Praxis II. 

Praxis Core exam meets the New Jersey Department of Education Basic Skills requirement. The NJDOE allows exemptions with qualifying SAT/ACT/GRE test scores. See link below.

Praxis Exam Resources

Praxis Core Information

Praxis II exams are discipline specific. Some majors require 2 Praxis II exams.

The New Jersey Department of Education implemented a Flexibility Rule with qualifying GPA and Praxis II scores. See Flexibility Rule link for more information. 

Praxis II Requirements

Praxis Score Reports: When registering for a Praxis Exam, you will enter the Rowan code- 2515 and NJDOE code- 7666 so that your scores will be sent directly from ETS. Score reports can take 4 weeks to be received. Be certain to test far enough in advance for the College of Education to receive your scores. See the Praxis Score Report link for specific dates.