Subject Matter Education

Subject Matter Education

Subject Matter Education (P-12)

The Dual Degree Program in Subject Matter Education (SME) provides graduates with a B.A. degree in their field of study (English, History, or Spanish), a separate B.A. degree in Education, and New Jersey teacher certification (Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing). The Program includes the New Jersey state-mandated full year of clinical practice (student teaching).
Program Coordinator Program Advisor
Katie Luet, Ph.D.

Melissa English Zachowski
James Hall 2078

Specialization: P-12 Subject-Matter Education

SME Dual Major Clinical Practice:

Praxis Information

All candidates must pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test.   The Core Test  consists of three sub-tests: Reading Test (Test Code 5713): Passing Score =156; Writing Test (Test Code 5723): Passing Score =162; Math Test (Test Code 5733): Passing Score =150 . These three sub-tests are typically taken together and the combined test code for all three is 5752.

The Praxis II Test, now called the Praxis Subject Assessment, is discipline specific and each Subject Assessment test has a different passing score.  Passing Praxis II scores must be submitted with a student’s Clinical Practice Application.  For information on passing scores go to