Department of Reading

Department of Reading

Teacher of Reading Endorsement

Majorie E. Madden, Ph.D. 
Program Coordinator

Heather Dolbow
Program Advisor
(856) 256-4761


Program Description
The Teacher of Reading Endorsement Program is housed in the College of Education, which is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation in Teacher Education. All students in this endorsement program either hold a teaching certificate from the State of New Jersey, or they have been admitted to a program leading to initial licensure. The Reading endorsement is granted only when a student has fulfilled all requirements for an initial teaching license. The goals and objectives for the program, and for individual courses therein, are aligned with the International Reading Association Standards and the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers. The program aims to prepare teachers to work with students and professionals to enable all students to meet the appropriate New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards in Language Arts and Literacy.

Students in the program acquire in-depth knowledge of the major components of fluent reading and an understanding of effective strategies for developing students' literacy in both the classroom and special-class setting. Their understandings are built on the foundational knowledge, which they acquire through core and supporting courses taken as early as their freshman year. From the sophomore year on, students gain theoretical and pedagogical knowledge about the teaching of reading through classroom and field experiences; in the latter part of the program, they are expected to apply their understandings through courses in which they tutor struggling readers in clinic or school settings.

In this course of study, students acquire knowledge of the basic principles of developmental reading instruction for grades Pre-k to 12. They increase their understanding of the reading process and expand their knowledge of effective strategies for addressing the needs of diverse learners. They learn to assess and teach children who are having difficulty acquiring literacy, including selecting materials/texts that are developmentally appropriate and engaging. In their coursework and field experiences, students develop expertise for furthering the literacy development of learners across the grades.

Students holding a teaching certificate in the State of New Jersey, as well as those in programs leading to initial licensure, may attain certification under the Teacher of Reading Endorsement Program, with credit provided, where applicable, for equivalent courses.

Goals and Objectives of the Program
Upon completion of the program candidates will be able to:

  • Explain how the major components of reading (phonemic awareness, word identification and phonics, vocabulary and background knowledge, fluency, comprehension and motivation) are integrated during fluent reading.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of instructional practices and approaches (including technology-based practices) to accommodate the different needs of students.
  • Administer and analyze data from informal literacy assessments to identify students.
  • Select instructional materials on the basis of children's reading levels, interests, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Describe ways to involve parents and other caregivers in children's literacy learning.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for Language Arts and Literacy through classroom and field experience practice.
  • Reflect critically on their practice in order to adapt instruction to the changing needs of students and situations.

Area of Certification
The Teacher of Reading Endorsement Program leads to certification as a Teacher of Reading.

Accompanying Majors
Students must be matriculated into another initial licensure program at Rowan University: K-5, subject matter, health and physical education, P-3, or Early Childhood education, unless they already hold a teaching certificate from the State of New Jersey.

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