Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Dr. Catherine Michener
Program Coordinator

Bilingual teachers are in critical demand in NJ and in most areas of the US, so there are many job opportunities available to those with this endorsement

Program Description:

Currently, about 23% of students in the state of NJ speak a language other than English at home and over 80% of NJ school districts have English learners, making NJ one of the most linguistically diverse states in the U.S.

In bilingual classrooms, students have the same home language background (e.g., Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, etc.), and the teacher uses both that language and English for content instruction. Given the many academic, social, and career advantages of being bilingual in the US, bilingual education programs are growing throughout NJ and across the country.

In order to apply for the bilingual/bicultural certification, students must already have or must be pursuing a co-certificate in another Instructional area that can be taught in a bilingual program, such as P-3, K-6, Art, Music, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Health & Physical Education, etc.

Who can apply?

  • Both matriculated and non-matriculated students
  • To be eligible for NJ K-12 certification, applicants must be enrolled in another teacher preparation program at Rowan University or hold an appropriate license in New Jersey
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA and must demonstrate advanced proficiency in English and in another language

How to apply:

See your advisor, the program coordinator, or Department Chair prior to registration in any CUGS courses. They will send an email with your name, Banner ID, major, and name of selected CUGS to ensure you have the proper program code to be able to register.

Program Curriculum and Requirements:

BLED 40.405

Current Policy and Practice in ESL and Bilingual Education

3 credits

BLED 40.412

Linguistic and Second Language Acquisition for Language Teachers

3 credits

BLED 40.421

Teaching Bilingual/Bicultural Education: Process and Practice

3 credits

BLED 40.422

Integrating Language, Literacy and Content in ESL & Bilingual Classrooms

3 credits

BLED 40.424

Biliteracies and Translanguaging in the Bilingual Education Classroom

3 credits

Total CUGS Credit Hours


Recommended Elective: ​ENGL 02301 American English Grammar


Required tests: Language proficiency testing is required in English and in the language of instruction for the endorsement. For testing requirements for this license, please see the following: https://nj.gov/education/license/endorsements/1480CE.pdf


Please make sure to review the current Program Requirements/Advising Guide and Licensure Testing Requirements.