Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff






James Coaxum, Ph.D., Associate Professor



Sarah Ferguson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

  • Quantitative and Mixed Methodologies
  • Career Development in STEM
  • Improving Statistics and Methods Education in Higher Education


Miguel Greenup, M.S., Program Coordinator



Elizabeth Henderson, Secretary



Ane Turner Johnson, Ph.D., Professor

  • African Higher Education Governance & Policymaking
  • Conflict, Rebuilding, and Post-Conflict Higher Education
  • Qualitative Research Methods


Monica Reid Kerrigan, Ed.D., Professor



JoAnn Manning, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

  • Leadership for Socially Just & Equitable Schools
  • Educational Leadership Preparation Programs
  • Superintendency/District Leadership


Tyrone McCombs, Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Higher Education Administration
  • Higher Education Governance


Hajime Mitani, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

  • Skill requirements for educational leaders
  • Educator and leadership labor market
  • Achievement gaps


Cecile Sam, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

  • Ethical and Unethical Leadership
  • Educational Theory
  • Faculty work


Carol Sharp, Ph.D., Professor

  • Educators’ locus of control
  • Standards-based Teacher Education curriculum
  • Impact of Teacher Education on student learning 


Carol Thompson, Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Problem-based learning
  • Critical thinking & language use
  • Health professions/ medical/nursing education


MaryBeth Walpole, Ph.D., Professor

  • College Admission
  • College Experiences and Outcomes
  • Minoritized Students