Chief School Administrator Certificate (CAGS)

Miguel Greenup, M.A.
Program Coordinator
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Program Description

The CAGS in Chief School Administrator is designed to provide students with the course content and internship totaling 33 credit hours past the Master’s degree necessary for the certification from the State of New Jersey. New Jersey requires 30 credit hours in advanced graduate study and a 150 hour internship (33 credits total) in addition to the Master’s degree as part of the certification process for candidates without a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and 5 years experience as a principal. It also enables students interested in advanced competency coursework to engage with relevant coursework without matriculating into the Ed.D. program. The CAGS also allows students who are unsuccessful in the doctoral program as a result of an inability to pass the Benchmark II (BMII) [the program’s comprehensive exam] to be recognized for the successful completion of the program’s core courses. A student who has made a B- or better, and earned no more than two B-, in the required courses may be eligible for the CAGS in Chieg Administrator Certification.


Program Requirements

Required Courses 33 s.h. (s.h.: semester hours/credit hours)

Course # Course Title S.H.

EDSU28.715 Leadership Theory 3

EDSU28.706 Diversity in Educational Leadership 3

EDST24.721 Action Research in Ed Leadership 3

EDAM27.704 Changing Organizations 3

EDAM27.733 The Policy Environment 3

EDAM27.750 Applied Ethics of Educational Leadership 3

EDAM27.714 Planning and Negotiating 3

EDAM27.735 Instructional Leadership and The Curriculum 3

EDAM27.749 Issues in School Governance

EDSU28.602 Field Service in Supervision: District Internship

Total Required Credits for the Program 33 s.h.


Foundation Courses


Graduation/Exit, Benchmark, and/or Thesis Requirements


Minimum Required Grades and Cumulative GPA

A student who has received a grade of B- or better in these 11 courses is eligible for the CAGS.


The CAGS in Chief School Administrator is a Category 1 program.


For details regarding satisfactory academic progress and graduation requirements, please visit