Elementary Education

Elementary Education

B.A in Education
Specialization: Elementary Education (K-6)

Erica Watson Brown
Program Coordinator

April Ellerbe
Program Advisor
Dual Majors Chemistry, Geography, History, Literacy Studies, Spanish, and Writing Arts
(856) 256-4737

DeLithea Davis
Program Advisor
Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science (N-Z), Dual Majors American Studies, English, Math
(856) 256-5819

Keyona Gonzalez-Walker
Program Advisor
Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science (A-M)
(856) 256-4787


If you truly enjoy working with children and want to make a lasting impact on their lives, then Elementary Education is the major for you. The New Jersey Instructional Certificate in Elementary Education qualifies you to teach Kindergarten through Grade 6. You will combine your education studies with a dual major in one of the following 10 subject matter areas: American Studies, Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science, Mathematics, Math/Science, Spanish, Writing Arts (Communication). You will graduate with a BA in Education, with a Specialization in Elementary Education (K-6) and a BA in your dual/second major.

During your Year-long residency you will work closely in small class settings with professors who are highly regarded for their expertise. Every semester with professional teacher course work includes a field experience time in real classrooms working with real teachers and students. During these skill-enhancing sessions you will assist and observe tenured teachers under supervision by your Rowan professors. These experiences culminate with clinical practice and the edTPA performance assessment.

Education majors at every college/university engage in student clinical practices activities; but our College of Education's teacher preparation programs are among the country's finest, with professional teacher course work and field experiences that reflect our excellence.

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Praxis Information

Core Academic Skills for Educators: Praxis Core Basic Skills Tests (combined test code is 5752)

Required scores:

  • Reading (5713) 156
  • Writing (5723) 162
  • Math (5733) 150

*Candidates must pass Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test. Please note the new existing policy regarding the Praxis Core requirement which can be found by visiting here.

Praxis II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001)

Required scores:

  • Reading and Language Arts Subtest (5002) - 157
  • Mathematics Subtest (5003) - 157
  • Social Studies Subtest (5004) - 155
  • Science Subtest (5005) - 159

Clinical Practice Application Dates:

Fall Applications: will be accepted September 1-30th (a year prior to anticipated clinical)
Spring Applications: will be accepted April 1-30th (a year prior to anticipated Clinical)


Background Clearances and TB test Dates:

Fall Semester-May 1

Spring Semester-December 1



Students are strongly encouraged to seek advising from their Education Academic Advisor on a regular basis. Students are also encouraged to read all corresponding emails sent to them officially by their Advisor as well as the College of Education. Students can seek additional information relating to academics, volunteer opportunities, and careers at the College of Education Advising Center Facebook page.

Additional Resources:
Office of Clinical Experience

edTPA Information

edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) assesses the teacher candidate’s ability to plan lessons, deliver instruction, and assess student learning in their clinical practice classroom. This culminating performance assessment, scored externally, consists of an electronic portfolio containing a variety of artifacts and evidence to demonstrate competence in these three areas (http://www.edtpa.com/PageView.aspx?f=GEN_AboutEdTPA.html).

edTPA is required by New Jersey's Department of Education for certification. The state has set the following scoring requirements. For more information please see the NJDOE edTPA information web page.

AY 2018-2019:

  • ​no minimum score, but the intern must receive a complete score (i.e., no more than one condition code per task)

AY 2019-2020:

  • ​Elementary Education (4 tasks/18 rubrics): 44
  • World Language (3 tasks/15 rubrics): 37
  • All others (3 tasks/18 rubrics): 44

For information on passing scores go to PRAXIS.