Amy Accardo, Ed.D.

Amy Accardo, Ed.D.

Amy Accardo, Ed.D.
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Amy Accardo, Ed.D.

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Dr. Amy Accardo is Director of the PhD in Education Program, a program focused on preparing students to become university faculty, leaders, researchers and policymakers that address persistent social justice concerns in education. Her scholarly activities focus on promoting equitable education opportunities leading to independence for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) grounded in the fields of neurodiversity and critical inclusion. She strives to eliminate the research to practice gap teaching students with ASD, and to increase access to postsecondary education and employment for the growing number of young adults with ASD-- now 1 in 22 males in NJ (CDC, 2018).

As a member of the Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education Department, Dr. Accardo teaches graduate coursework in the MS and PhD in Education programs. She also serves as a reviewer for national journals and presents at national and international conferences in the area of special education. Dr. Accardo’ s professional experience includes an extensive public school background, having served as a middle school special education teacher for fifteen years. In 2006, Dr. Accardo founded Bucks County Learning Connections LLC, providing access to developmental support for individuals with ASD and their families.  She received her Doctor of Education in Special Education degree from Arcadia University, and her Master of Science in Education and Bachelor of Science degrees from Drexel University.

Recent Publications:

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