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Membership & Policies

LRC-South Circulation Desk

LRC-South Membership 

Membership to the LRC-South is available to the general public for just $2.00 per year (CASH ONLY). LRC-South membership expires 12 months from the date of issue. Members must apply in-person and be at least 18 years of age to obtain a membership. All members are requested to sign in upon entering the LRC-South. 

The annual fee of $2.00 includes access to the production center and borrowing privileges to the lending library. Additional fees may apply in the production area but production services are offered at cost to members.


Members may borrow three (3) books and three (3) additional items (kits, DVDs, games, etc.) for a three (3) week period. All materials may be renewed one time, either in person or by phone, for an additional three (3) weeks. Please have your LRC-S membership number available when you call to renew materials. 

Please Note: LRC-South is not responsible for any damages or injury as a result of using our center, materials or resource.

Overdue Materials

A fine of five cents ($0.05) per working day is charged for each overdue material with a maximum charge of two dollars ($2.00) per item. When resources are overdue for 30 days or more, an official letter of suspension and a bill for the materials will be sent to the client. Suspended patrons are unable to utilize and LRC-South services and other LRC locations, including the production area, until suspension is resolved. 

On behalf of the Office of Special Education Professional Development, NJDOE, a copy of suspension may also be sent to the patron’s supervisor or the Dean, College of Education, Rowan University. 

Please Note: Members who show a repeated pattern of overdue, lost or damaged items may have their borrowing privileges restricted at the discretion of local LRC administration. 

Lost or Damaged Items

Materials borrowed from the LRC-South become the responsibility of the borrower. If materials are lost or returned in damaged condition, the borrower may be required to pay a repair or replacement fee – even if the damage was caused by a student or colleague. LRC-South borrowing privileges may be suspended until the materials are returned or the replacement cost is paid. Fines are determined by the LRC and can range from repair fees to full replacement value dependent on the extent of damage.