Project IMPACT- Increasing Male Practitioners and Classroom Teachers

Project IMPACT- Increasing Male Practitioners and Classroom Teachers

Project IMPACT- Increasing Male Practitioners and Classroom Teachers

The mission of IMPACT is to increase the representation of males from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds in teaching and respond to persistent opportunity gaps faced by young men from diverse backgrounds. Many of the student participants will come from underserved environments and will want to utilize education to contribute to the socioeconomic and educational transformation of these communities. IMPACT focuses on incoming freshmen at Rowan University and provides resources and supports as they persist through their college career. IMPACT participants are high achieving students who have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and community engagement.

2016-17 Increasing Male Practitioners & Class Induction Ceremony Video

Power through Academic Knowledge

IMPACT participants will complete an urban education focused teacher preparation program in one of the following areas: early childhood, elementary, Master's of Teaching in English or Social Studies, or Master's in STEM Education. In addition, participants will engage in relevant and meaningful experiences that address personal/social, career, and academic development. Participants will receive a strong foundation of educational knowledge, skills and dispositions that will inform their practice as future transformational leaders in the educational setting.

Empowerment through Experiential Learning

Co-curricular experiences such as workshops/guest speakers, practicums, internships and various on and off-campus activities, will allow students to develop career goals, create action plans and empower them to navigate life on campus and University resources that lead to academic and social success throughout their college years.

Support through Financial Assistance

In addition to programmatic support, IMPACT provides financial assistance to participating students with an award of $4,000.00 for 4 years towards tuition costs and housing as long as they maintain program minimum requirement as outlined in the IMPACT Student Agreement. IMPACT aims to facilitate the students' successful completion from Rowan University's College of Education, with reduced cost, who are well-equipped to positively impact the lives of P-12 learners.

Success through Professional Development

  • Academic success through advising, group meetings, workshops, and access to on campus support services.
  • Career development and enhancement by acquiring valuable connections through ongoing mentoring opportunities with current male teachers and educational leaders
  • Community engagement through volunteer and on campus activities.
  • Peer relationships built through our IMPACT Program and other university events.

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