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Summer Teaching Opportunities
There are summer teaching opportunities within each department. Faculty should consult with their department chair and program coordinator on the availability of courses by January for the summer courses.

Service at Rowan College of Education
Faculty are the main components of a shared governance at Rowan University COllege of Education, All faculty, regardless of their tenure-track status, are expected to service at committees and other ongoing governmental structures at departments and at the college level. Here is the list of ongoing committees and faculty members serving in the college-wide committees for the academic year of 2019-2020:

College of Education Committees/Groups:

  • Diversity Committee
  • Clinical Partnerships and Practice Committee
  • Assessment Committee

Standing Committees:

  • Transition Points
  • Adjusted Load Committee
  • Curriculum Committee

College of Education Syllabus Format and Expectations

  • All faculty teaching Rowan CoE courses must utilize the syllabus format incorporating CoE Conceptual Framework, Vision and Mission. Please ensure your syllabus is based on the template provided below. 

College of Education Adjunct Resources

Celebrating Excellence- The College of Education Recognition Form

Help us celebrate the excellence of the College of Education's faculty and staff! Our faculty and staff are encouraged to submit a CED Recognition Form to share achievements.

Please complete the form here: