Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials & Where Our Graduates Are

I enjoyed being a part of all of my classes. I was molded and well nurtured by the learning that took place in those classrooms. There were times where I reflected on my teaching and other times where I had to hold back tears listening to the history of bilingual education. Every time I walked out of those classes, I had new information that I soaked in and used as my own. It was not the experience I expected at all because I expected a typical graduate classroom: boring! It truly was not! These classes empowered, structured, and motivated my teaching. I will never forget those four professors. As I meet new teachers, I share my experiences about the program and insist that they attend Rowan'Äôs Bilingual Endorsement program. It is the best program I have ever been a part of and I am a former Philadelphia school teacher who participated in other teacher programs.
-Magda Shuler, Bilingual Teacher, Bridgeton Public Schools

Since completing the ESL COGS program, I have volunteered as an ESL teacher most mornings at Sterling High School, where I did my practicum. As a tutor with the Literacy Volunteers of Gloucester County, I am currently working with an adult ELL from Vietnam. Jenny Murphy and I presented about using technology with ESL students at the NJTESOL conference last spring. Recently, our poster presentation proposal on technology has been accepted for the TESOL conference the March in Philadelphia.
-Marybeth Hegel, Program Coordinator, McSiip, Rowan University

I was hired by the Glassboro Public Schools after graduating from the ESL COGS at Rowan University. I use many of the skills acquired at school on a daily basis, both as an ESL and World Cultures teacher. I am pleased to report that I feel more confident than expected when preparing and teaching unit plans to my English Language Learners from grades 1-3. This is thanks to the many opportunities to practice given in the COGS, including writing lessons and teaching them to classmates who are teachers and who serve as educated critics. My COGS classes also allow me to tend to the diverse needs of my World Cultures/Spanish students who come from diverse ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds.
- Madji Fall, Teacher, Glassboro Public Schools

I am currently teaching English Language Learners from grades K-4. To become an ESL teacher was a dream of mine for a quite a while, and I feel very lucky to work with such special individuals. I believe that the skills I have acquired at Rowan University'Äôs ESL COGS have helped me not only educate my students, but to also be their voice in this challenging journey.
Aline Usatai, Teacher, Pennsauken Public Schools

Upon completing my English as a Second Language Certificate of Graduate Studies Program at Rowan University I was hired by the Camden City Public School District as a Middle School ESL Teacher. Throughout my coursework and studies at Rowan, I received such a wealth of knowledge and skills, which I use each day. Many of the texts we used have become my bibles. Every class designed for the COGS ESL Program has helped me address the needs of my students, including but certainly not limited to: understanding cultural aspects, the role of linguistics, the importance of appropriate lesson planning and differentiation, authentic assessment and ELL advocacy. I entered my classroom feeling confident and prepared to begin teaching my English language learners. Just as importantly, I feel like a valuable member of my school's team. A huge thank you to the passionate Professors who make the COGS ESL Program such an invaluable learning experience!
-Aphrodite Dellaporta, ESL Teacher, Camden City Public Schools