College of Education - edTPA

College of Education - edTPA

edTPA Support Office

***The edTPA Rental Office and Video Support is CLOSED*** 
Tk20 Guide for edTPA Candidates
The Tk20 Guide for edTPA Candidates includes:
  • edTPA Process Overview
  • Tk20 Guide to edTPA Portfolio
  • Registration and Account Creation with Pearson edTPA
  • Transferring your edTPA Portfolio from Tk20 to Pearson
  • Common Fixes to Errors and Corrections


Part 2: Pearson edTPA Registration & Voucher PaymentThis is a video tutorial of Pearson edTPA account creation and paying with your edTPA Voucher.

Avenues of Support:

Technical Questions and Navigational Support

  • email 
  • Please include "edTPA Support" in your subject line

Content and edTPA Requirement Questions

  • email your Program's Coordinator or
  • The edTPA Coordinator - Dr. Foley (


Additional tutorials and guides are forthcoming.