Dr. Tyrone W. McCombs

Dr. Tyrone W. McCombs

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Tyrone W. McCombs

Office: Herman D. James Hall 3026

Phone Number: 856-256-4500 x53666

E-mail: mccombst@rowan.edu 

About Dr. Tyrone W. McCombs, Ph.D.

Dr. McCombs received a Ph.D. in Higher Education Management and Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA and MA degree in English Literature from Rutgers University. Dr. McCombs research interests include higher education governance structures, the role of the institutional presidents, and the relationship between state governments and institutions of higher education.

Dr. McCombs has worked in higher education for over 25 years in various administrative positions including Assistant Dean, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of a campus, Assistant Provost and Associate Vice President. Over the years Dr. McCombs also served as principal investigator for several grant-funded programs.