Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Marjorie E. Madden, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Office: Herman D. James Hall 2065

Office Hours: Monday 2:00-3:00; Wednesday 2:30-3:30

Phone Number: 856-256-4772

E-mail: madden@rowan.edu

About Marjorie E. Madden, Ph.D.

Dr. Madden received her Ph.D. in Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. She brings over thirty five years of school experience to the teaching of literacy. Former chair of the Reading Department at Rowan, Dr. Madden now teaches early childhood literacy courses, clinical courses in the undergraduate and graduate reading program and graduate seminar research courses. In addition to teaching, Dr. Madden co-developed the Rowan Literacy Consortium, now in its eighth year. RLC provides yearly symposiums for school districts around various literacy topics. Currently 25 districts participate in the 2013-2014 sessions, focusing on the writing and formative assessment in the Common Core era. Dr. Madden’s research also extends to global education initiatives. Since 2000, she has conducted teacher institutes in schools in Guatemala, training teachers in effective literacy instruction. She has taken Rowan students and faculty to present at the biannual International Literacy Conference in Guatemala City for the past four conferences. This Guatemalan experience also includes visiting schools and participation in teacher exchange conversations as well as immersion into the history and culture of the Guatemalan people. Secondly, Dr. Madden has recently been invited by the Peace Corps country director to explore teacher training opportunities in Madagascar and Cormoros. Thirdly, she and Dr. Valarie Lee have begun a writing initiative with middle schools that partners four schools across states and countries. Interested participants for a proposed fall 2014 launch are Qatar, Guatemala, Madagascar, Vermont, California and New Jersey.