Welcome New CED Faculty

Welcome New CED Faculty

Welcome New CED Faculty!

The College of Education proudly welcomes new faculty members for Fall 2022.


Alicia Drelick

Dr. Alicia Drelick, Assistant Professor - Interdisciplinary & Inclusive Education. In July 2022, Alicia received the Emerging Leader Award from RESNA, the premier assistive technology professional organization in North America. Alicia loves to travel and SCUBA dive.


Andrea Hawkman

Dr. Andrea Hawkman, Associate Professor - Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Education. Andrea enjoys camping and exploring the outdoors with her family. In 2015, Andrea drove from Missouri to Vancouver, BC to watch the Women's World Cup championship match between USA and Japan. Yay sports!


John Mullen 

Dr. John Mullen, Assistant Professor - Educational Services & Leadership and Geography, Planning & Sustainability (and School of Earth & Environment). John was born in Philadelphia; He, his wife, and two daughters are water ice enthusiasts. Their favorite (to date) is John’s Water Ice in South Philly.


 Shehreen Iqtadar

Dr. Shehreen Iqtadar, Assistant Professor - Interdisciplinary & Inclusive Education. Shehreen's family is from Pakistan. Shehreen speaks Urdu and English. Shehreen loves long drives, and her longest drive was from Iowa to NY and back to Iowa after 11 hours of being in the city.

Mina Sedaghatjou

Dr. Mina Sedaghat Jou, Assistant Professor - Interdisciplinary & Inclusive Education. Mina's passion is empowering underrepresented/underserved students through STEM-ed, CS, and Computational Thinking. Two months ago, Mina rescued a Belgian Malinois puppy, who has stolen her heart.