FAQs about Teacher Preparation Academies

FAQs about Teacher Preparation Academies

FAQs about Teacher Preparation Academies

What is a teacher preparation academy?                                                               

The Rowan University Teacher Preparation Academy in the College of Education serves as a long-term recruitment strategy for pre-college high school students interested in exploring a career in teaching. 

In partnership with the College of Education, at Rowan University, students will have the access to college courses through a dual-credit program. In addition, on-campus visits are planned, as well as opportunities for ongoing engagement with university faculty and teacher candidates.

Why should a high school start a teacher preparation academy?

A teacher academy is appropriate for school districts interested in helping to lead the force in preparing and supporting reflective students, interested in the field of education, who can use learning from school settings to transform our global society.

How will a student benefit from participating in a teacher preparation academy?

  • Application Fee waived to Rowan University
  • Opportunities to visit Rowan University campuses
  • Opportunities to receive university credits

How does a high school develop a teacher preparation academy?

Teacher academies are meant to meet the unique needs of school districts, the families, and communities they serve. A detailed checklist (checklist link here) is available to guide school districts through the steps to develop a teacher academy. 

How does a high school find out more information about a teacher preparation academy?

Email herringn@rowan.edu with your questions.