The Praxis® Series assessments are comprised of:

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core):
- Assesses a candidate's general academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics needed to prepare successfully for a career in education.
- All skills assessed have been identified as needed for college and career readiness, in alignment with the Common Core State Standards.
- The information on this exam should have been learned in high school.
- It is highly recommended this exam be taken as early as possible.
- This examination is the first benchmark required before becoming an education major. A passing score and a grade point average of 3.0 are needed before a candidate can be accepted into the education program.
- The Core has 3 primary sub-tests that can be taken separately: Reading (5713), Writing (5723), and Mathematics (5733) or in a combined format (5752).

Praxis subject tests (Praxis II):
- Measure a candidate's subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, to determine whether the candidate is ready to begin teaching.
- This exam is the second benchmark required before a candidate can participate in their clinical experience. Similar to the Praxis Core, a passing score and a grade point average of 3.0 are required.


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ETS Praxis Fee Waiver Request Form
You may be eligible to take the Praxis Tests using a waiver.  This waiver is for up to 3 Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators tests OR one Praxis Subject Assessment.  If eligible, you will need either an Embossed School Seal or Notary Stamp on the fee waiver request form.  Contact the financial aid office for assistance. Click here for the fee waiver request form.